What We Do

Bungamati Foundation Nepal strengthens the capacity of the community schools and enable them to manage systematically all the activities to achieve the targets improving lives of people.

  • Sponsorship for poor, marginalized children: Bungamati Foundation Nepal provides sponsorships to poor, marginalized children to help them continue their education. We support the children to manage of school fees, uniforms, books, and other school supplies. It helps the children from poor families to attend school and get the education they need to succeed.
  • Technical support to community schools: Bungamati Foundation Nepal provides technical support to community schools to manage the inclusive quality education for all children. This includes providing training for teachers, supporting to manage of child friendly furniture, classrooms, teaching learning materials, ICT, library; as per need for safe learning environment.
  • Early Childhood Development and Child Care Center Bungamati Foundation Nepal runs an early childhood development and day care center for children from marginalized families. The center helps the children to play, socialize, and prepare for school. It also cares for their social and emotional development. The center organizes various activities based on the children’s needs and interests every day.
  • Awareness on education, environment, and sanitation: Bungamati Foundation Nepal works to raise awareness in communities about the importance of children education and roles of the parents, and environment, and sanitation. This includes conducting workshops and trainings, and developing and distributing educational materials. We also work to promote sustainable practices in communities, such as using renewable energy and reducing waste.
  • Youth empowerment: Bungamati Foundation Nepal works to empower young people by providing them with opportunities to learn new skills, develop their leadership, and participate in decision-making. This includes providing training on topics such as entrepreneurship, gender equality. We also work to create spaces for young people to come together and socialize, such as youth clubs and sports teams.
  • Relief programs: Bungamati Foundation Nepal provides relief programs to help people affected by earthquakes, natural disasters, conflict, and other emergencies. We providing food, water, shelter, and medical care. We also work to help people rebuild their lives after a disaster or emergency.
  • Bungamati Bed and Breakfast and Bungamati Bike Store: We operate a Bed and Breakfast and a Bike store to raise funds for its programs. The Bed and Breakfast is located in the historic town of Bungamati, and the Bike store is also located in Bungamati. Both businesses provide a unique and trustworthy experience for visitors to Nepal.
  • Creative Hand Pre-school: Bungamati Foundation Nepal has been supporting to manage the Creative Hand Pre-school, which provides early learning, foundation development to children from poor families. The pre-school offers a play-based curriculum that focuses on the development of children’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills.