Fund Raising

We’re nonprofit social organization with very low running costs, so the majority of the money donated goes straight to our
work in children, school, and community. Please support us, every penny does count.

If you feel like raising some money yourself, we can help get you set up.

You can do fund raising activities together with us or with your family, colleagues, relatives.

You can raise funds for the programs to make meaningful changes in lives of marginalized people, children and youth.

You can do fund raise for education, water, sanitation and hygiene and relief of nature disaster and emergencies. 

We always appreciate your fund raise activities for the wonderful programs and activities. 

Child sponsorship is a great way to get involved; you receive regular communications and school reports from your
sponsored child, and the knowledge that your money is changing a child’s life.
If you’re keen to know more or get involved, please let us know!