Mission & Objectives

Bungamati Foundation Nepal (BFN) is a non-profit organization that supports for the improvement of lives of marginalized, socially and economically excluded children, youth by providing opportunities to learn to live in a sustainable way.

We work in coordination and collaboration with government offices, municipalities, community schools, and other partners to develop, manage, implement, monitor and evaluate the programs. We are committed to using a sustainable approach that will benefit the children and communities.

We work to build the capacity of community schools and communities to take ownership of the programs and to continue them.

We believe that children, youth, and people are the experts on their own lives, and we work to involve them in all aspects of our work.

We committed to accountable to our donors, partners, and the children, youth, and communities. We regularly monitor and evaluate the programs in coordination with concerned government offices to ensure that they are effective.

BFN’s Objectives;

  • Enhance the quality of life of the marginalized, economically and socially excluded children, by providing them access and participation to good education and other valuable development tools.
  • Promote inclusive quality education by providing technical support to the community schools.
  • Provide soft-skills development opportunities to marginalized children, and youth for self-help, self-protect, and self-depend.
  • Empower marginalized women and girls through education and livelihood programs.
  • Improve the lives of the people of disadvantaged community through water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) programs.
  • Protect the environment and promote sustainable development.