Research & Intenship

Bungamati Foundation Nepal is an organization that provides a platform for internship and research on various themes and subject. The internship program is open for students who are studying and want to contribute their time and effort to manage and implement the programs. The organization also assists the interns to do research as per the rules and policy of the organization.

Education is a vital aspect of human development and social change. Interns and scholars can explore various topics related to education, such as the quality of education, the challenges and opportunities for education in rural areas, the impact of education on gender equality and empowerment, and the role of education in preserving and promoting cultural heritage.

Interns and scholars can investigate various issues related to water, sanitation, hygiene and environment, such as the availability and accessibility of safe water sources, the practices and behaviors of hygiene and sanitation among communities, the effects of climate change and pollution on water resources and ecosystems, and the solutions and innovations for water conservation and management.