Give Us An Advice

Interested specialist, experienced individual and expert can join with us voluntarily. Your retired and free time can utilize with us to do following tasks;

  • Prepare and develop strategic plan and programs.
  • Write proposal and fund raise strategy for the programs.
  • Do research and planning by identifying the needs of the community, developing goals and objectives, and creating a timeline and budget.
  • Manage the programs effectively; you can help to prepare financial management guidelines and human resource management guideline.
  • Implement of the programs effectively in coordination and collaboration with local authorities and community.
  • Manage information and data of the program activities effectively.
  • Prepare monitoring strategy plans of the programs.
  • Do monitor the program activities and collect data on the program’s activities, outputs, and outcomes.
  • Write case study and success story.
  • Evaluate the programs and prepare reports.
  • Explore possible grants and fund for the programs.