Teaching Information, Communication & Technology (ICT)

Technology is an important tool for teaching and learning, especially during the pandemic and emergencies. However, many schools in Nepal lack the technology and the skills to use it effectively. Bungamati Foundation Nepal aims to empower the teachers, students, and youth with the use of technology. Bungamati Foundation Nepal offers volunteers the opportunity to teach computer skills to the teachers, students, and marginalized youth in different communities. The volunteer can also learn from the people they teach and share their culture and experiences with them.

  • Teach teachers how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, drawing, etc. for creating and editing documents, presentations, and graphics.
  • Support the community school to collect, manage, and analyze data and information using Excel and other tools.
  • Teach teachers how to prepare lessons on computer and use technology in teaching and learning activities.
  • Teach marginalized students how to use the computer and technology for learning and studying various subjects and skills.
  • Teach youth how to use the computer and technology for personal and professional development such as communication, research, online courses, etc.