Giving Training

Nepal faces many challenges of poor quality, inequity, geographical remoteness, gender bias, social exclusion, disability, migration. Many children are still out of school, especially those from disadvantaged backwards. The attendance in early childhood education is low, and the academic achievement in primary and secondary levels is below the expected standards. Very few schools meet the criteria of being child-friendly and earthquake-resistant.

Teaching and learning activities is very traditional and learners faces many problems in learning. So teaching and learning is needed to be improved and make practical and related rea life.

To address these issues, Bungamati Foundation Nepal is providing training for teachers, youth and marginalized families on different themes. The foundation aims to improve the teaching and learning methods, the classroom management and sitting arrangement, and the use of teaching learning materials. The foundation also wants to make the education more practical and related to daily life. The foundation offers volunteers to facilitate and give training to the beneficiaries.

  • Enhance the skills, knowledge and techniques of teaching and learning for teachers and students.
  • Empower the school team to prepare, manage, implement and monitor school improvement plan effectively and efficiently.
  • Strengthen the capacity of marginalized families and women for improvement of living standards and income generatio.
  • Organize orientation campaigns on sanitation, water, hygiene and health for the school and community members.
  • Empower the communities to prepare for possible disasters and reduce the risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Capacity building the teachers to manage extracurricular activities and promote students’ holistic development.